HALA! is a Research Network established within the framework of  SESAR WP-E to spearhead long term and innovative research in ATM in pursuit of the SESAR 2020 vision and beyond . HALA is the acronym for “Higher Automation Levels in ATM” which is also the focus of the network. It commenced its activities on the 3rd of September 2010 with a kick-off meeting in Barcelona where 13 members of the HALA! Management Team confirmed their commitment and outlined the activities of the group.


In order to reap the expected benefits and to ensure that there are no delays in the implementation of SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research), research resources need to be applied to the exploration of novel, unconventional and high risk areas, involving new technologies, concepts or ideas. However, the need to deliver an on-time and on-budget system constrains the possibility of the SESAR projects to invest in high-risk, novel or unconventional areas. The SESAR WP-E Research Networks will foster the application of existing methodologies and techniques in new ways, potentially applying scientific disciplines that have previously not been considered in air traffic domains. HALA! will provide a flexible environment in which ideas on Automation in Air Traffic Management (ATM) will flow using a common approach and removing most of the constraints on the research carried out in SESAR.

The organizations participating in HALA! cover all the knowledge areas related to automation and their experts collaborate actively with SESAR. As Innovation is a main objective of HALA!, Doctoral (PhD) level research involving leading universities in collaboration with each other and the ATM industry, are the heart of HALA!. In addition to the traditional university supervision, PhD researchers are guided by organizations that represent the ATM industry so that the developed knowledge can be optimally translated into effective tools.  Finally, HALA! participants have a long proven experience on collaborating in complex projects and provide HALA! with the necessary skills and experience to achieve the challenge of automation.

HALA! Driving Objectives

HALA! is opened to academia, industries, research centers and individuals who are interested in participating to the research activities of the network (click here to join). HALA looks forward to collaborating with the entire ATM community to achieve the goals of the future ATM system.


HALA! Position Paper


The main objectives of the HALA! Position Paper are to foster research in automation in ATM, offer better framework conditions for research, go beyond traditional approaches on automation in ATM and cover ATM automation activities not currently addressed by the other work packages of the SESAR programme. The work of the network , as well as all of your suggestions and contributions have allow us to produce 3 versions of the position Paper.  We hope you will enjoy reading them, and that their content will be useful for your future research.

Synthetic edition  of the HALA! Position Paper

Extended edition of the HALA! Position Paper

Scientific edition on of the HAA! Position Paper